Saturday, September 14, 2013

KKK Pinoy Food Revolution

When you peer into KKK you would immediately notice that colorful jeep that's parked right inside the restaurant.  Yes, the bar, the cashier and the kitchen are all situated behind that.  Colorful bottles are dangling from the ceiling and most of their decorations add to the filipiniana vibe of the place.  You know right away that this establishment serves Filipino food.

These two are displayed on the table and promo cards are hung onto them.  They look better without those cards though.

Cute napkin holder.

We were given complimentary crackers and vinegar dipping sauce while waiting for our orders.

The Tinanglad na Mixed Seafoods was sour and spicy.  I barely touched my soup but helped myself to the shrimp and fish.
Tinanglad na Mixed Seafoods P280
halo halong laman dagat at ilog na niluto sa tanglad, wansuy at chili paste

I liked the vegetables of the Buro at Mustasa.  The buro, in this case fermented rice was pretty ok but I still prefer Abe's buro which is fermented shrimp.
Buro at Musatasa P75
home made buro, sariwang mustasa at pinakulong talong, okra, ampalaya

We really gravitate towards butterflied fish.  KKK's Paruparong Pla-Pla was good but nothing beats Abe's version.  It was also extra challenging to make himay (the direct translation escapes me but the closest I could think of is - seperate the meat and the bones) the fish in that small serving dish.  We ended up getting down and dirty with our hands.
Paruparong Pla-Pla P290
prinitong binukang pla pla na may hinog na mangga, kamatis relish at sweet chili sauce

I usually shy away from soft mushy tofu but this Binistek Tofu made me see tofu in a whole new way.  It was delicious and the slightly crisp onions and the sauce made it even better.  I even dipped my fish in the sauce.
Binistek Tofu P170
prinitong japanese tofu cubes na sinarsahan ng bistek sauce at prinitong naytib na sibuyas

Iced Tea served in adorable jars.  I forgot which is which but one is Tanglad Iced Tea and the other one is Pandan Iced Tea.  Not a fan of either drink though.
Tanglad or Pandan Iced Tea P55/regular; P85/bottomless

If I ever go back, I would have to research first on what to order.  Aside from the Binistek Tofu, I have no idea what else is good here.  I must say though that the decorations are visually appealing.

KKK Pinoy Food Revolution LG/F SM Megamall Bldg. B, Julia Vargas Ave. cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City  


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