Friday, February 8, 2013

Pepper Lunch

What I thought would be a laidback Saturday at my parents place turned out to be a whole day affair at 2 different malls running errands, watching a movie, lunch and then dinner at Pepper Lunch.  Pepper Lunch serves their viands raw on a patented electromagnetic plate that is heated to a certain temperature.  Diners then cook them to their liking and eat it as is or mix it up to resemble fried rice.  Honey brown sauce and garlic soy sauce are available per table and may be added for even more flavor.

I skipped my usual order of Beef Pepper Rice and went for the Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese (P225).

The smell of the curry lingered but it was more of an inviting aroma.  I loved this combination but I still prefer the regular Beef Pepper Rice.  I'm a very slow eater and I tend to savor each and every mouthful.  My food remained comfortably warm up to the last bite thanks to that special plate.

Mom had the Tokusen "Big" Ribeye Steak (P635).  My one bite of ultra soft meat just melted in my mouth.  Although she didn't add any seasoning it tasted alright.  I liked the creamy mashed potatoes too.

Sadly I wasn't that impressed with dad's Teriyaki Chicken Omu Pepper Rice (P198).  The sauce was served on the side and hasn't been poured yet when I took this photo.  

If I still had room for dessert, I would have gotten one of their ala modes.  If I were super hungry at the time we ordered I would have convinced my parents to share a Shake! Shake! Salad.

I'm hoping for more days like these, quality and quantity time with the parental units plus great tasting food.

Pepper Lunch Garden Court Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City


  1. I only tried Sizzling Pepper Steak a few years ago. Must give this place a try soon. :)


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